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Best for NFL Props

Best NFL Sportsbook for Props is Bovada

Five years ago, prop betting was a small side dish on the NFL wagering menu for most sportsbooks. A few fun proposition or exotic wagers to make things amusing during the game.

Today, betting on NFL props has become big business for operators and presents a big profit-taking opportunities for bettors. And Bovada has been leading the charge to prove its value as the best NFL sportsbook for betting on props.

What do we mean by a prop? The Super Bowl coin toss is an example. Will it be heads or tails? Will the AFC or NFC win? Will Peyton Manning’s first pass be complete or incomplete? Will Antonio Gates have more receiving yards in the San Diego vs San Francisco game than Vernon Davis?

They can be fun bets like coin tosses or serious wagers with serious handicapping behind them. For fantasy football gurus, NFL player props have been an opportunity for them to profit from their fantasy knowledge. Perhaps Peyton Manning has a nagging injury or always performs poorly after a bye week or against the Titans. Fantasy guys know this because they crunch stats.

Becoming the best NFL sportsbook for props means having a dedicated team crunching those numbers, organizing fun and engaging lines and ensuring those odds are communicated to the public. This is why you will see mainstream media sites like newspapers or ESPN mention crazy odds. Sportsbooks generate the odds, often focused on current news or events, and distribute them.

Bovada has become the leader in NFL props (and other sports as well). You will see NFL Rookie of the Year props, with odds associated with most of the previous year’s draftees. Every Sunday, there will be literally dozens of props on every game, providing fans with more wagering options than they can kick a pigskin at.

Honorable Mention: has become adept at producing unique and creative NFL props as well (this crosses sports where they offer boxing, UFC and other props such as ‘will the fight last 2 full rounds?’ and more.