Where is the Best NFL Sportsbook?

The answer to the question ‘Where is the best NFL sportsbook?’ might surprise you. Because the answer is, there isn’t one. Being a terrific place to bet the NFL involves dozens of features and talents and, to be honest, not all sportsbooks are good at all of them. Most are very good at some things – whether its NFL bonuses or posting early football odds – and some are very good at many things.

Best NFL Odds Variety

When it comes to literally thousands of odds every day, few do it better than 5Dimes.com.

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Best NFL Underdog Odds

If you like to bet NFL underdogs, the best place to wager is at Bovada, which always favors the dog.

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Best NFL Sportsbook Bonus

There are strings attached, but the fact remains you can get a HUGE bonus at SBGGlobal.

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Best for Early NFL Lines

The first line you see is almost always from 5Dimes.com. The earliest NFL lines bar none.

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Best Live Betting Platform

The wave of the NFL betting future is in-game wagering. The best place to bet live is SportsInteraction.

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Best for NFL Props

Hundreds of fun player and team-based props every day make Bovada the hands-down winner in betting NFL props.

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Best for Canadian players

Knowing what sports are popular and knowing how to speak to Canadians makes Bodog the leader.

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Best for Betting Favorites

When you bet NFL faves, you want the best price possible and 5Dimes.com delivers it regularly.

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Best Loyalty Programs

Contest privileges, BetPoints, cash back, gift cards and handicapper picks form the web’s top loyalty program.

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Best NFL Teaser/Parlay Odds

The best variety of teasers and parlays and also the best payouts when you win. 5Dimes wins this category.

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Best for Customer Service

What they lack in bonuses, Bovada makes up for with by far the best customer service in the business.

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Best for NFL in Las Vegas

When you’re in Vegas, you want it bigger and better with tons of odds, TVs and tons of food & drinks. The Las Vegas Hotel gets our vote.

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Still, when you ask for information on the best NFL sportsbook, the answer has to be broken down by category. A book that is great for underdog lines like Bovada usually isn’t very good at posting early lines like 5Dimes. The best sportsbook for bonuses probably won’t be the best sportsbook for loyalty programs, because they are investing in upfront perks, not ongoing customer-service perks. And like the old saying, ‘it’s different strokes for different folks,’ what is very important to you might not be very important to someone else.

Here at BestNFLSportsbook.com, it is not our goal to point to one company and proclaim it the best place to play. We intend to break down 15 different aspects that make a good place to wager on NFL games and declare the leaders in all those important categories, whether it’s bonus structure, or odds variety, NFL teaser odds or even which is the best place for Canadians or Europeans to play. We’ll even give our opinion of our best NFL sportsbook in Las Vegas! Bookmark the site, refer your friends and read up on what is important to you this football season. Good luck and remember to play with your head, not over your head.