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Best for Early NFL Lines

Best NFL Sportsbook for Early Lines is

When you are known as ‘an incredible place to play,’ you know you have a reputation steeped in tradition and a duty to produce early NFL football lines for the rest of the industry to follow. That’s what brings to the table, along with its nearly two decades of online gaming experience.

Why are early NFL odds important? It’s a value situation. At, the Sunday games are barely over when they post next week’s games. Your early handicapping may find some very solid value based on these first lines. By Monday or Tuesday, the lines are changing as bettors put their money down – it means your best deal of the week could be line posted by before any of their competitors were able to post.

This commitment to posting early point spreads and totals means customers don’t have to wait. It gives an edge to the bettor and is something not all sportsbooks do. In fact, some of the best NFL sportsbooks choose to do the opposite. Bodog, for example, deliberately waits to see how the market is shaping up before posting its opening NFL lines. Their clientele happens to like that approach and often doesn’t bet until late in the week (or even just before game time Sunday), so it is not a requirement.

The same holds true for future odds, like odds to win the Super Bowl. Those lines are always posted quickly and they change quickly if a player gets injured or traded or signed as a free agent. In this way, your best odds on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl will probably be listed first at

Honorable Mention: Bet365 follows closely behind when it comes to posting early lines and should be considered a viable option for intermediate and professional bettors who need that early wagering edge.