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Best Loyalty Programs

Best NFL Sportsbook for perks and loyalty programs is

You sign up, pocket your bonus and start betting a few NFL games each Sunday. That’s nice, but where’s the incentive to stick around, to keep coming back week after week and to feel part of the community?

Like AirMiles or any other good loyalty or rewards program, the sportsbook industry has its own ways of making customers feel appreciated. The best NFL sportsbook for this used to be BMaker but nowadays it’s

We say this because of the sheer volume of perks and programs available here and the sheer volume of ongoing bonus offers. In fact, describing all the rebates and bonuses takes up an entire page on the website.

They call it the Lifetime Bonus Guarantee and it’s basically a 25% free play loyalty perk on every deposit you make. Think about that! Some shops barely offer you 25% in bonuses as a welcome gift and are greedy with 5% or 10% reloads. On top of that, hottie Jenn Sterger is the celebrity endorser who tells you all about it, so it’s easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes.

On top of the guarantee, there are Halftime Surrender deals (you can quit on your bet if you’re getting slaughtered at halftime and get 50% of it back) and Shutout Bailouts if your team gets shut out. There are so many perks and ongoing promotions that they have to separate it into five distinct sections: signup promotions; horse promotions; casino promotions; poker promotions and Sportsbook promotions.

Why offer so much for customers? Why not recruit new clients? It’s the old adage that it’s easier to keep a customer you have than to go get another one. To do that, you have to provide solid customer service and create an environment where they feel wanted and respected.

Loyalty programs like the one at go above and beyond the call for customer satisfaction and the result is a sticky site with customers who have no need to look elsewhere. It can just as easily be called a Customer Retention program.

Honorable Mention: Bovada offers reams of cool content, high-end free contests like their Bracket Buster game each March and ongoing bonuses and referral plans. As mentioned on the site, top-notch customer service excellence underpins their entire operation.