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Best Live Betting Platform

Best NFL Sportsbook for Live Betting is SportsInteraction

Whichever site evolves into the best NFL sportsbook for live betting is the sportsbook that will dominate the industry over the next few years. In Europe, live in-game betting captures up to 75% of the betting action on games. In North America, it is barely anything.

That’s something SportsInteraction is trying to change and which they have become the leaders in for North American sport. What exactly is live betting? It’s just what it sounds like. Rather than betting the point spread before kickoff and then watching the game to see if you cover the spread and win your wager, you can make bets as the game progresses.

If the line is -10 for New England and they score a TD on the opening kickoff, the line may move immediately to -16. Now you can bet the Patriots to cover 16 points or you can bet their opponent at +16 points. One play and you gained 6 points for your underdog bet.

In football, you can bet on whether the next lay will be a rush or a pass but you have to be on your toes to get the odds, make your bet amount and confirm your wager all within 20 seconds or so before the ball is snapped. Needless to say, the no-huddle offense or the Two-Minute Drill is not friendly to live NFL betting because things move so quickly. has seen the future and is working hard to embrace it. It currently offers European sports – soccer and tennis play well to this type of wagering – and NFL in game bets are expected to form a much bigger part of the sportsbook picture in 2011.

Honorable Mention: Bovada has embraced live NFL betting and pledges to become a leader in the field. Currently, only a few games each week are the focus of live betting. In the near future, they will be offering more.