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Best for Canadian players

Best NFL Sportsbook for Canadian Players is Bodog

If you stand a Canadian next to an American, chances are you will never be able to tell them apart. But stand a Canadian at the doorway of a sportsbook next to an American and they may head for different TV screens and different betting windows.

Bodog began accepting Canadian players in 2009 and quickly leapfrogged much of their competition by paying attention to the things that are important to Canadian bettors. Small wonder the best NFL sportsbook for Canadian players is Bodog and everyone else is playing catch-up.

While hockey betting is an afterthought in America, it’s big business in Canada. Bodog brings plenty of lines, NHL player props and fun futures to its Canadian audience. Depositing is also easy on a site that focuses its effort on Canadian visitors with hockey themes, maple leaves and other Canuck touches.

It focuses some of its marketing effort on Canadian events (you will notice a bigger splash for golf’s Canadian Open and the Canadian Football League as well). Which is not to suggest ignores NFL bettors – far from it. And their vast array of player and team props underscores the importance of football wagering.

Canadians will simply notice that the sportsbook understands them and ‘gets’ it. The language will be in a slightly Canadian format and they don’t call hockey ‘ice hockey,’ which some pretenders make the mistake of calling it. It provides a comfort level.

Honorable Mention: Bet365, one of the UK’s pre-eminent sports betting brands, has also shown love and respect to the Canadian market. It acquired the in 2008 after Bowmans had been a sponsor of the CFL for several seasons, earning significant brand penetration and trust. Juicy bonuses for Canadian players and a tailored sportsbook experience make it even better.

Honorable Mention: The world’s biggest online gaming company will be a formidable competitor once it begins focusing on the Canadian market and we expect to do that in the next few years. In lockstep with, it boasts a tremendous reach and brand awareness across Canada.